REVIEW : Before We Met


TITLE: Before We Met
AUTHOR: Lucie Whitehouse
GENRES: Contemporary, Thriller, Suspense, Fiction, Mystery
PAGES: 288
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHED: May 8th 2014
PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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A whirlwind romance.
A perfect marriage.

Hannah Reilly has seized her chance at happiness. Until the day her husband doesn’t come home…

Can you really know what happened before you met?


Before We Met is a story about Hannah Reilly and her new marriage which is not as perfect as she thought it is.
She met her husband, Mark Reilly, through their mutual friends. From that meeting started their love story. They got married, Hannah left her job at New York and moved in with Mark to London, all this in five months. Soon after that Mark leaves for business trip but doesn’t come back at the day he’s supposed to. Hannah spends two hours at the airport waiting for him and trying to call him but doesn’t get a hold of him.
When Mark finally gets in touch with her, he has all these explanations for not getting on his flight, he has lost his phone and stays for couple of more days because there’s another meeting. From there Hannah starts to uncover all kinds of things she didn’t know about her husband or things he had lied about. And then there’s his brother who’s in prison for manslaughter. What’s going on in her life? Is anything true?

I really don’t have much to say about this book. Other than that I think there’s like almost 200 pages too much in this book and the only good thing after reading this is the cover.

It was supposed to be a thriller, a book that I wouldn’t want to put down and I’d want to finish it in one sitting. But honestly I read the first 170 pages trying to find the thriller part in this book, unsuccessfully. Basically the whole thing going on until that was Hannah trying to find out whether Mark was cheating on her or not. Was she just delusional and becoming her mother. After that I kind of skim read until 200 or so pages, until Mark’s brother Nick stepped in picture. From there the actual thriller part went on but for me it wasn’t even that enjoyable because the ending was totally predictable and I guess I could say that I kind of skim read the whole end of the book. Mostly just the dialogue unless there was something actually interesting going on.

For me this book was just beautiful cover. It felt just a waste of time to read almost 200 pages first just about some nonsense. Okay, some of the information was useful but there were a lot of thing going on that felt nonsense for me, no need for those to happen. It wasn’t thrilling nor suspenseful at all. It had some thrilling ups but mostly it was boring downs. But for those few thrilling ups going on, I’ll be rating it with 2,5 stars.



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