YEAR 2021

Hi all, I hope your year has had a great start!

I was talking about some little changes about me handling this little blog of mine this year. So here’s a wuick little post about that!

• I will not be receiving ARC review requests to my email anymore.
– It was just too much. I had no idea that I would receive 10-20 emails a day! And mostly those requests were about books that were out of my genre pool. I spent a huge amount of my free time just to solve through all of it. And sometimes ended up accepting books that I was not really interested in just because said one had sent me multiple emails throughout the week. I just need to learn to say no more firmly and get it in my head that this is not my job, I don’t have to accept and read books I don’t want to.
And without that bringing a huge amount of extra stress to my shoulders, I hopefully will be able to enjoy this more again.

• I will continue my regular weekly posting schedule: Tuesday for top lists, Wednesday for Ws, Fridays for reviews etc.
– But I will not (I will try not to) get any panics if I for reason this or that, cannot make it in time to publish it. I will, though, try to be better with scheduling post beforehand this year. It just makes life so much more stress-free if I indeed schedule my posts.

• I will not be looking at everyone else’s stats and compare them to mine
– Where those blog stats or reading stats or anything. I need to stop comparing mine to anyone else’s. I do this because I like it and I want to, I don’t need to do it like other’s and I don’t need to read 20 books per month even if someone else does. I read and blog just as much as I can and it does not make me be any less good than anyone else.

All in all, I need to stop comparing my achievements to everyone else! I read two books this month if that’s all I have time to do. It doesn’t matter if the person next to me reads ten books while I read one. Right?



Hey guys! I’m here again, or actually no I’m not, this is a scheduled post. Anyway, I posted a little question at my Instagram asking whether to post discussions/tags/etc.. on Thursdays or Saturdays. The winner was… Thursday! Thank you for everyone who voted. 🙂

I want you to keep in mind tho that this is not something I’m doing every week. Obviously I try to post discussion/tags/etc every Thursday but if I don’t have time to schedule these posts, then these won’t happen. I am posting every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday already but I think that these posts might take a little more time than T5T or WWW Wednesday.

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So for this Saturday I thought that I’d try my hand on something little different. Something I haven’t done in my humble little blog before. I want to start talking about different things going in my mind every once in a while and just hope that my English is strong enough to be understandable, lol.

Today I’m here thinking why do I blog? Why I still keep on blogging despite my slump holes that tend to suck me in and all the stress etc. I’m pretty sure there’s many other posts around the blogosphere about this very same thoughts but this will be mine.

Also you might have noticed that the font in the picture above has changed. That is only because of my change of computer and I can’t remember the font I was using before even if my life depended on it. So sorry about that.

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