Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I’m Hanna, 25yo and from Finland. English is not my native language and I apologize already for everything that’s not understandable.
I thought that I make a list about some facts of me here so you could get an idea about me. But if there’s something else you’d like to know or ask or just contact me, you can send me email to this address: hannawsreads@gmail.com

  • As said before, I’m 27yo and from Finland.
  • I live with my fianc√©, son and 2 daughters in a house.
  • We also have a dog. She’s 9yo French Bulldog named Hertta.
  • I can’t get nothing done during the day if I haven’t had at least 2 cups of coffee in the morning
  • I would love to just sit alone in silence with a book and read it in one sitting. But with two kids, dog, household to take care of, it’s kind of impossible. The only time when there’s really quiet, is when the kids sleep. But if I have good book that just has to be read in one sitting, I can read here and there during the day and be able to finish book in one day.
  • Mainly read YA books in different genres. But I’m not saying I don’t read anything else ever.

I guess that’s about it. I’ll add more if something pops up or if you have something to suggest, go ahead!

As for review request: I am not taking those at the moment.