Hello everyone and happy 2023! I’ve been away for pretty much the whole year. I dropped down very hard and very deep into a wholesome slump. Honestly, throughout the whole year, I did not feel like even looking at my books.
BUT. I have been working on it and once they dropped the 2023 Popsugar reading challenge, I got so excited. I’m slowly trying to get life back here into my blog and my bookstagram as well. Though this year I will not be feeling any pressure about posting. If life gets hectic and I have to force myself to squeeze taking pictures of writing posts, I won’t just do it. This is not my job, I do not get paid anything to do this. This is my hobby, this is what I love to do: read books and talk about them.

If there is still anyone there, you know that I am a big mood reader. But I thought that this year I will at least try to forge some TBRs for myself and try to stick with them. I have also been toying with an idea to make a TBR game for myself, you know, to make it fun. We shall see what the future holds for me and my TBRs but today I am here to tell you what I am planning on reading during January.

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