I didn’t put out three posts yesterday, instead I decided to put out two today as well. Mainly because I was supposed to schedule those posts so they wouldn’t be coming back to back but once I was finished, I just clicked publish now. 🤦‍♀️

But today I’ll bring you the worst and the best books that I have read this year! Keep in mind though that these are only my opinions. If you loved or hated some of these books, it’s as fine as me not liking or loving some of these.

Today there will be 3 + 2 books on this “worst books” list. All of them are books I’ve DNFd or just didn’t like. I don’t mean that these books are trash and no one should read them. These just didn’t pique my interest in any way.

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Hello! Christmas came and went and I didn’t post a thing. But, there was so much work before, during and after Christmas eve that I honestly haven’t even thought it would drain me so completely. Plus, I had work every day this week and today I start my holiday leave.

Anyway, I’m going to push out three posts during this day so I can catch up a little with all the posts I want to put out. That way the schedule, I had made for myself, won’t be messed up for the rest of the year!

Today we are going to take a look at my reading challenges for 2019 and how I did. Hopefully I got at least something finished.

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TWO DAYS! So wouldn’t it be fitting for me to share some books I hope to gift myself with after all the Christmas stress is settled and I can finally sit down and make an order?

And yes, I get my gifts myself since every year everyone gets me pyjamas, chocolate, socks etc. never mind what I’ve asked for. Though The Man would want to buy some books for me,  but he would want it to be a surprise and then he gets nervous because he doesn’t know what I would like to get, lol. So we’ve made it the way it is. I’ll order them myself. 😀

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TITLE: The Fire Witness
AUTHOR: Lars Kepler
SERIES: Joona Linna #3
GENRES: Mystery, Thriller
FORMAT: Finnish Hardback
PAGES: 594

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Flora Hansen calls herself a medium and makes a living by pretending to commune with the dead. But after a gruesome murder at a rural home for wayward girls, Hansen begins to suffer visions that are all too real. She calls the police, claiming to have seen a ghost, but only one detective puts aside his skepticism long enough to listen: Joona Linna.

Linna has spent more time at the scene of the crime than any other detective would. The case seems obvious on the face of it: One of the girls at the home escaped in the middle of the night, leaving behind a bloody bed with a hammer under the pillow. But why does Hansen insist that the murder instrument was a stone, not a hammer? And what’s the story behind the dark red grain of sand, almost like a splinter from a ruby, stuck beneath the dead girl’s fingernail? As Linna refuses to accept easy answers, his search leads him into darker, more violent territory, and finally to a shocking confrontation with a figure from his past.

Just as Lars Kepler’s The Hypnotist and The Nightmare did, The Fire Witness has spent months at number one on the Swedish bestseller lists. As the newspaper Dagens Nyheter put it, you start the thriller “on the subway home, keep reading at the dinner table, and then don’t stop until well into the wee hours.” Kepler writes with the force of Stieg Larsson and the plotting of Jo Nesbø. The Fire Witness is an unflinching page-turner, sure to join the ranks of its predecessors as an international sensation.

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Hello everyone! I don’t know if any of you play Planet Zoo but I’ve been loving it! And dang ain’t the Arctic pack amazing. How fitting for this time of the year. Almost got late to work tomorrow morning because I just had to check that out.

Anyway, today I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite Christmas books. This list will be rather short. I don’t read that many books based on seasons and such and well, since I mostly read fantasy, it’s not really a thing in fantasy, if you know what I’m trying to say here. 🙈

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