Hello guys! I kind of was supposed to publish this yesterday already but completely forgot it. But I’m here today to post this.

I finally got around to order some books! I made the orders from Book Depository and Amazon last month and now they have finally arrived. They did actually came faster than was expected. And you know what happened then? I couldn’t decide what to read so I haven’t read anything before today. But enough of my lame babbling and let’s see what I got.

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Now that finally all the books that I ordered in September have finally arrived, I thought that I could as well haul them in here! There’s a total of 6 books so for me that is many enough for a book haul. So I guess without further ado, let’s see the books!

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I know, I know. I’m a bit late with this haul since it’s already January but oh well. Three of these books I bought myself and two of these I got from my mom this Christmas. There’s not many books in my haul and there wont be a haul in every month because I’m just not able to buy that many books and not even every month. But once I do buy books, I would like to haul them here.
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