Happy Saturday everyone! I have made my biggest book haul ever. I ordered 12 books couple weeks ago and they have finally arrived. I’m so excited to finally be able to really buy books without feeling bad about it and actually buy more than one. I’m just generally so happy that I took the risk and changed my work to something completely different.

These books are kind of all over the place. I mainly bought books that are part of my popsugar challenge books that I couldn’t get from our library or scribd and really wanted to have my own copies of. And of course I also hunted down the rest of ACOTAR books with those new covers that weren’t available at my bookstore.

But let’s take a look what I bought, shall we?

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Hello! It’s been two years since I last hauled any books here, it seems. So it’s about time to do so now!
I put this order up over a month ago so it has been long awaited. But due to the coronavirus, every shop must be packed with orders to mail. I’m still super excited to finally have them in my hands so let’s see what I got, shall we?

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Hello guys! I kind of was supposed to publish this yesterday already but completely forgot it. But I’m here today to post this.

I finally got around to order some books! I made the orders from Book Depository and Amazon last month and now they have finally arrived. They did actually came faster than was expected. And you know what happened then? I couldn’t decide what to read so I haven’t read anything before today. But enough of my lame babbling and let’s see what I got.

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Now that finally all the books that I ordered in September have finally arrived, I thought that I could as well haul them in here! There’s a total of 6 books so for me that is many enough for a book haul. So I guess without further ado, let’s see the books!

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I know, I know. I’m a bit late with this haul since it’s already January but oh well. Three of these books I bought myself and two of these I got from my mom this Christmas. There’s not many books in my haul and there wont be a haul in every month because I’m just not able to buy that many books and not even every month. But once I do buy books, I would like to haul them here.
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