Hello, I’m Hanna and I’m finally here

I can’t remember if I ever told here that we are moving and we have to do some renovating as well. But that’s what I’ve been up to!

Let me tell you that it is not easy to do that when you have three kids running around all the time. But now our bedroom + our youngest ones bedroom are done and the stairs and every hallway has been painted as well. There’s still lots to do but now we want to settle down for Christmas.

We did everything mostly by ourselves. The painting, new floors, walls etc. But my dad did the roof in our bedroom as well as put all the moldings.

Darn this has been stressful and we’ve all been so tired and irritated that I’m glad it’s finally done. But since we stayed together through all this, is it safe to say that we’ll stick together? 😁

I’ve been trying to read Tower of Dawn during all this but haven’t made much progress. I’m on page 222 of the ebook so it’s basically nothing.

Now everything is kind of settled and every furniture and all are at their own places. So now I finally have time to read! And I’m not that tired anymore, which means that I can actually get some reading done and I do not fall asleep.

I also wanna thank each and everyone of you who have stayed here! And also every one of you new ones! I have been shocked every time my phone has given me the notification about new followers. It’s been inactive for so long! But thank you! ♥️ This means a lot.