End of the Week is my “weekly meme”, I guess I could say. Just to sum up what has happened at my blog, instagram and life. Like a wrap up but not that much for reading but for everything else.


Top 5 Tuesday #2 – This weeks topic was all about books that I’ll definitely read this year. Now we all now that I suck at sticking to any TBR, but these are the books that I really want to and try to read this year.

WWW Wednesday #3 – I only managed to finish one book and not much progress with The Way of the Kings either but I still think it was pretty successful week of reading. Considering how much time I spent at work during last week.

Review of Unravel Me – I loved this book so much! And this also made me eat all the bad words I’ve ever said about Warner.

January book haul – I bought twelve freaking books this month!! Actually 13 if I count ACOTAR as well. I’m super excited to read all of these.



Last week was a long one. I worked long days, I was so tired. Our youngest woke up million times during every night so not much sleep received. Yet still we had fun!

Even though I wasn’t the most patient person due to constant headaches and being awfully tired, we had a really nice and fun week!
We had more snow which meant more cleaning the yard. The kids would come and join me to push all the snow from our yard. They got flashlights because it was already dark outside and yeah, we do have outdoor lights but obviously it is more fun with flashlights!

And as you can see from the bookstagram pictures, my youngest has been demanding to be in the photos as well. So whenever I didn’t have time to take them earlier, she’d come and join me after we got home from work and daycare.
Their dad asked them to go and clean up their playroom but she was just saying “no dad, that’ll have to wait now. we have to take pictures for mom first!”. So dad had to patiently wait until she was done with her “job”, haha.

Thank you for reading! How was your week?

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