Hello everyone! Today we are doing another book tag in honor of it being Thursday.
My head is completely empty at the moment. I tried to take a nap before I have to go to work, but my son kept waking me up every ten minutes.

Anyway, this tag was created by Kourtni Reads but it seems there’s no blog of hers anymore. So let’s see what the questions are all about!

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Hello every lovely human being! Hope your week is going on smoothly and you’ve had a nice time! It has been one hot summer here, for sure. Usually it rains through the whole summer, maybe couple days of sun here an there, in Finland. But now there has been over +30 warm every single day and it has rained only once at night.
I’m not going to whine about it, because I really do like it! But we need more ACs in our house for sure, because I bet it’s hotter inside than outside.

Anyway, today we are taking a look at the Mid Year Book Freak Out tag! I’m well aware that we have passed the mid year mark already, but it’s not yet too late to do that, right?

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