Hi guys! For today’s post I thought I make an update on my reading challenge! I’m participating at this Popsugar’s reading challenge this year as well as I did last year. And actually I think I’m doing a lot better at the moment than I did in the whole year last time! But shall we? Beware though, I don’t think there’s that many books that fit into these prompts from my 30 or so read books and I will use one book in multiple prompts if it fits, I’m a cheater.

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2018 GOALS : Reading and Blogging


The first week of 2018 is coming to an end already! Time flies so fast. I thought that I’d share my goals for this year with you guys. Though I don’t have any big goals at all but I am taking the Popsugar reading challenge this year too, as I did last year. I’ll put my challenge list at the bottom of this post as well as it’s own page if you’re interested of my choices. But without further ado, let’s get to the goals!
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