Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme is hosted by Sam @Taking on a World of Words. You can participate it too! Just answer the three questions below.

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

An Unexpected Kind of Love by Hayden Stone – I’m actually reading only one book! I got this as an eARC from Netgalley and I’m struggling. Not because of the book, no! But because it’s an ebook. There’s just something about them that doesn’t keep me interested long enough. Maybe it’s the fact that I read it on my phone and always be like “oh, maybe I should check out instagram! hey, I should check my email real quick, maybe there’s something important workwise”. I do like to read a book as a mix of physical and ebook because ebook is easier to read in bed but for some reason this has become a book I read only in bed, lol.
And this became a whole nonsense ramble here, sorry about that. But I am really liking this so far! I just have to get better at picking it up more often.

Quiet Girl in a Noisy World by Debbie Tung – 5⭐ | It’s like a book written about my own life. I need everyone in my life to read this so maybe I could stop explaining myself all the time.

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn – 5⭐ | Legendborn is amazing. You have to think, grieve, feel it all. You can never be sure it is safe for your characters to be doing whatever they are doing. And even though I managed to spoil myself in the interwebs about Bree, I still wasn’t sure if what I had read was true or just someone trolling around. Because nothing is revealed immediately, not even back-to-back. You have to keep on reading in order to know everything, yet you still are left craving for the next book to read right after finishing Legendborn.

Heartstopper vol. 4 by Alice Oseman | The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

What are your Ws for this week?

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3 thoughts on “WWW WEDNESDAY #16

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