Welcome to first line Friday! It is hosted by Hoarding Books and the idea is to grab a book and share the first line from that book. Let’s try and see if we can find something new to add to our ever growing TBRs this way.

The Castilian town smelled of gunpowder, of partridge and rabbit blood, of smoke curling up from the chimneys.

An “exuberant” (El Mundo) debut novel about a family of cursed women in the tradition of Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate.  
The Laguna women suffer from an odd affliction: each generation is condemned to tragic love affairs and to only give birth to girls who are unable to escape the cruel fate of their mothers. One fateful hunting season in their small Castilian town, a young landowner arrives and begins a passionate affair with Clara Laguna, the latest in the family line, daughter of a one-eyed woman known as “the Laguna witch.” He leaves her pregnant with yet another daughter, but the seeds of change are sown. Eventually the long-awaited son — Santiago, the great-great grandson of Clara — is born. A window of hope is opened, but is the curse truly over?
Full of memorable, offbeat characters, from a bearded, mute female cook to the local do-gooding priest to the Laguna women themselves, The House of Impossible Loves is a feat of imaginative storytelling that marks the arrival of a talented new novelist.

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