Hello every lovely human out there!

Aa some of you might have noticed, i’ve been gone for a ridiculously long time. I have said many times that I’m coming back, but never did that. Why?

Well. I did it again. Apparently I didn’t learn anything from last year nor the ole before that. I made reading a chore, again.. 🙄 I pushed myself to read books i’ve listed on my challenges to the point when i couldn’t even bare to look at my shelves without feeling like a failure.. why? For not completing my challenges, not finishing books fast enough.

So I just dropped everything then. I’ve been working full time and now I have my summer leave of one week, alone all my three kids. But! I have finally picked up a book!! I got rid of every spreadsheet I made for this years reading and now I’m just reading whatever the heck I feel like reading, trying not to care if it fits to any prompts or not.

I want to also thank every one of you lovely humans who have stuck here with me even though i haven’t been active at all. And all of you new lovely humans who have joined here even though I haven’t made a single post! ♥️

Also, i think i made a mistake ordering that Fae Crate back in March……. Still haven’t received the box. Maybe before christmas?


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