End of the Week is my “weekly meme”, I guess I could say. Just to sum up what has happened at my blog, instagram and life. Like a wrap up but not that much for reading but for everything else.


Monthly Wrap Up – Taking a look at what I managed to read during February. It was actually a little bit better reading month than January was! Which is a little surprising since it is the shortest month in a year.

Top 5 Tuesday #6 – Sharing some books from my childhood! Not much truly children books but still, book I read as a kid.

WWW Wednesday #9 – Surprisingly good amount of finished books, considering I was working the evening shift half the time and I don’t get much reading done during those weeks.

Readathon announcement – I even surprised myself with this one! But it was too cute readathon not to participate! And quite an easy one as well, so I actually have some possibility to finish it, lol.

First Line Friday #6 – The first line from The Belles. Such a great book and the second one is already put on hold from library.

Review – Finally my review for this most adorable book I’ve ever read: With the Fire on High!!



It has been pretty basic week, with not much anything going on. Other than my sister with her husband visited during the weekend! We haven’t seen each other’s in months because our work schedules were crossed all the time. I worked in the morning shifts and she the evenings and the other way around. But now we finally both had a day off so we spent it together pretty much from morning until night.

And Friday morning, after I had already left to work, our youngest had broke our TV. She was playing with this foosball ball that is hard as a rock, in our living room. But the ball had slipped from her hand and right into the television. At least that’s what she told us. We do not know because everyone was asleep when I left and this had happened when The Man was still sleeping. But I trust her and I think she was indeed telling the truth. But I think I’ve done something right because she didn’t hesitate to tell me what was happened and before I had time to say anything, she said “but accidents happen mom and it’s just a TV”. Exactly my dear child, exactly! Accidents happen, no one hurt themselves and it indeed is just a TV. Expensive, sure. But not something we need to live. And what I’m more happy and proud of, is the fact that she told me what had happened. That is all I ask. That they trust me enough to always tell me the truth.

I also went to the grocery store during the weekend and found these cool coloring books of kind! They come with a paintbrush but you only need water to go with it! And then you just dip the brush into the water and start painting those pictures. Thank you to who ever invented this! So much less cleaning when they paint these rather than real watercolors, lol.
They do get to really paint still as well but these are so easy to just let them do by themselves while I’m for example cooking. I don’t need eyes in the back of my head all the time, in fear that they are painting our walls or something else. And boy do they love these as well! I have to go and buy another set of those soon since they are almost done with them already. Oh, they also want me to frame their favorite pictures for them. So I guess I need to go to the basement and see if I have some frames that fit for these images.

As for my last weeks “little” project, I still have a lot to do. Honestly, it feels like we had indeed truly moved to a new house. I cannot believe how much work it actually takes to move around rooms. But somehow it all feels more like home with these arrangements now than it did before. And I’m in no rush to finish it all at once. It’s nice to have a little something to do all the time.

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