End of the Week is my “weekly meme”, I guess I could say. Just to sum up what has happened at my blog, instagram and life. Like a wrap up but not that much for reading but for everything else.


Top 5 Tuesday #5 – This week’s topic was for authors I want to try. So there I listed top 5 new to me authors with some of their books that I want to try out (hopefully) during this year.

WWW Wednesday #8 – Another week when I’m working the morning shift and got bunch of books finished! And some awesome books, actually!

First Line Friday #5 – This week’s first line was from Ninth House. And yet again, a first line with blood in it.

Review – My thoughts of Middlegame by Seanan McGuire



This was my evening shift week and those are always shitty weeks. I only get to see the kids during the mornings when I take them to daycare, school and The Man to work. Because I always come back at 11PM-12PM and obviously everyone is already asleep.
But we all had a day off together this Friday though! There was a maintenance day at my work so that’s automatically a day off for us. Can’t really work when they are fixing our machines. And at the same time Friday was the day when I smoke my last cigarette.

I am constantly having a nicotine plaster (?) on me but I’m rather certain that I would have truly needed a bigger dose than the one they recommended for me. Because this is of no help. But it’s based on the amount of cigarettes I smoked during a day and by that amount, this should have helped. So now I’m changing to the strongest ones that The Man uses because I want to quit completely and I know I can’t do it with some nicotine replacement.

But yesterday (Saturday) I just had to have something to do, something that would completely take my mind of smoking. So I decided we were going to move our bedroom to downstairs, oldest child to our old bedroom upstairs and youngest one to the oldest one’s bedroom. And in that room we had to do some fiddling with the furniture to get both the girls in there and some playroom in there as well.

The room we made our bedroom downstairs, was the kids’ playroom before. So we took all the toys and furniture out from there and hauled them upstairs. All of our furniture from upstairs to downstairs (in the pictures there’s still couple shelves left during Saturday that we moved upstairs today). In the now girls’ room, we had to haul two big ass closets from the middle off the room (it was separating the room so the older ones ‘had their own rooms’ in there) to one wall so that the youngest could see her older sister. And of course all the kids’ furniture had to be fiddled with and also all the playroom furniture and toys.

But they are actually coming together quite nicely! There is still a lot of work to do, even though we have been working here full two days, but I bet it will look very nice once we are done. We also have to renovate the whole new bedroom of ours but that is for another time. First we have to figure out a smart place for our furniture for the time being. Since we want to redo the whole room from floor to ceiling, like we did the bedroom that is now our oldest child’s room.

This came out as a very disorderly explanation about, nothing really, but I hope you got something out of it if you read it all. Now I’ll go eat some candies and stay strong and not run to the store. I’m going to really quit this stupid habit this time and put all the 200€ into savings that I spent every month for those cigarettes. Gosh that is a lot of money!!

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