End of the Week is my “weekly meme”, I guess I could say. Just to sum up what has happened at my blog, instagram and life. Like a wrap up but not that much for reading but for everything else.



This year I’m trying to stay active with my bookstagram account as well. Although I’m not good at this, I like doing it. That should matter, right?


We finally got snow! So much that during the second day it just kept coming, I had no idea where I was going to push it all. We couldnt get the doors open to get out of the house because there were so much snow. ❄️ But I spent two days shoveling so that The Man could get to work every morning and so I could get to work every evening. 😁

I have also been having some puppy therapy. ♥️ I have been “babysitting” this little puppy with my oldest kid during some days while his owner was at work. And oh my how this little dude has helped our son! He has been able to stay put and focus a lot better with the puppy sitting on his lap. He has become more open and actually let’s us hug and touch him! He has been so proud while telling everyone that he has been taking care of this little puppy and how much the puppy loves him and gets so excited when it’s brought here. It has been amazing how much a puppy has done.

Even though we have our own dog as well. But I guess since she’s so old already and just likes to nap and relax everyday, not much caring to play, it doesn’t have the same effect on our son.

And I’m really liking my new job. Though it is hard to not really see my family every other week because of our different schedules but we can get through this. ♥️

Thank you for reading! How has your week been?

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