YEAR 2021

Hi all, I hope your year has had a great start!

I was talking about some little changes about me handling this little blog of mine this year. So here’s a wuick little post about that!

• I will not be receiving ARC review requests to my email anymore.
– It was just too much. I had no idea that I would receive 10-20 emails a day! And mostly those requests were about books that were out of my genre pool. I spent a huge amount of my free time just to solve through all of it. And sometimes ended up accepting books that I was not really interested in just because said one had sent me multiple emails throughout the week. I just need to learn to say no more firmly and get it in my head that this is not my job, I don’t have to accept and read books I don’t want to.
And without that bringing a huge amount of extra stress to my shoulders, I hopefully will be able to enjoy this more again.

• I will continue my regular weekly posting schedule: Tuesday for top lists, Wednesday for Ws, Fridays for reviews etc.
– But I will not (I will try not to) get any panics if I for reason this or that, cannot make it in time to publish it. I will, though, try to be better with scheduling post beforehand this year. It just makes life so much more stress-free if I indeed schedule my posts.

• I will not be looking at everyone else’s stats and compare them to mine
– Where those blog stats or reading stats or anything. I need to stop comparing mine to anyone else’s. I do this because I like it and I want to, I don’t need to do it like other’s and I don’t need to read 20 books per month even if someone else does. I read and blog just as much as I can and it does not make me be any less good than anyone else.

All in all, I need to stop comparing my achievements to everyone else! I read two books this month if that’s all I have time to do. It doesn’t matter if the person next to me reads ten books while I read one. Right?

One thought on “YEAR 2021

  1. That’s a wise and healthy decision Hannah! After now four years of blogging I stopped comparing myself and am only enjoying what I do. I also decided not to accept or request ARC except for very few books that I plan to read anyway. Goodluck!

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