Hello! Long time no see! We have been going through stomach bug and flu and then coronavirus happened and put everything in a mess. I have been home for two weeks with kids now because we had normal flu and that way couldn’t go anywhere. Tomorrow we are getting back to work and daycare because I can’t afford to stay at home any longer. I want to trust that everyone will keep their sick kids at home so everyone can be at least relatively safe. I hope you are staying safe and healthy as well!!

But I decided to take part to the O.W.L.s this year!! It’s hosted by the lovely G @Book Roast and the timeline is from April 1st to April 30. So shall we see what I’m trying to accomplish during next month?


A magizoologist is a person who dedicates their life to studying, investigating and protecting magical creatures. It’s a popular career with many possible subpaths. The majority of wizards decide to focus on a specific favourite species after a couple of decades of studying a broader spectrum of fantastic beasts, however general magizoologists are also highly sought after by many institutions.
This is an occupation for those with an inborn affinity to animals, those who are not afraid of an occasional injury, and those who enjoy travelling. As a magizoologist, you will find yourself travelling all over the world in search of creatures and participating in magizoology expeditions with fellow researchers. As such, this might not be a particularly suitable career for those who wish to settle down or have recently started a family.
You do not need to present Hogwarts certification at most job interviews for jobs relating to magical creature care or supervision, as most tests are very much hands-on. It is, however, advantageous if you have the below listed grades to show.

You can learn more about the different careers and studies here! And all the prompts can be found here.


Care of Magical Creatures
Hippogriffs: Creature with a beak on the cover – Year One by Nora Roberts

Lumos Maxima: White cover – Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Mimbulus mimbletonia: Title starts with an M – Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Shrinking Solution: book under 150 pages – Animal Farm by George Orwell (Finnish Edition 126 pages)


An exciting opportunity has arisen for those determined to become a registered animagus. The Ministry of Magic registry service, under the Improper Use of Magic Office within the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has opened up two spots for new animagi. If you believe you would benefit from an ability to turn into an animal at will and believe yourself to be determined and talented to go through the training process we await your owl. The training course will take place at the Ministry of Magic premises and will be thought by Pillipus Snortsnout, one of the most experienced and determined animagus trainer in the world. The training process is lengthy and extremely difficult, the drop out rate is tremendously high so we are accepting all applications at this point. Please note this is a commitment of two to five years depending on your available hours and talent.
Please attach your cover letter, filled in application and proof of your grades with your owl. Grades required are:
O.W.L.s – Arithmancy, Potions & Transfiguration
N.E.W.T.s – A in Arithmancy, E in Potions & O in Transfiguration

You can learn more about the different careers and studies here! And all the prompts can be found here.


Magical qualities of number 2: balance/opposite – read something outside your favourite genre – Saga vol. 4 by Brian K. Vaughan (being very graphic graphic novel)

Shrinking Solution: book under 150 pages – Animal Farm by George Orwell (Finnish Edition 126 pages)

Animagus lecture: book/series that includes shapeshifting – Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

So here’s my April TBR then! I have to say that it is very, very ambitious for me. First of all I don’t like TBRs since I am a huge mood reader, so there is a chance to end up in a slump.. And secondly, these are no small books! As you know, I’m a slow reader as well and don’t get much done during a month. But I want to challenge myself to do this. Let’s see if I’m able to continue to N.E.W.T.s or if I fail big time.



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