Top 5 Tuesday is created and hosted by amazing Shanah at Bionic Book Worm and todays topic is reasons I rate a book 5 stars!

You know, I’ve never really put my reasons into words. You know, I give a book five stars when I love it. But what makes me love a book so much that I rate it with solid five stars?This topic needs some brainstorming, I need to put my thoughts from Finnish to English so that it makes even a little sense. 😅


Probably the biggest factor for me is the characters. And by that I mean that they have to be well develop, well enough for them to feel like real persons to me. So that I can picture them in my head, feel like they are really there. There needs to be a connection.
If characters just have names and ages, not much of any other kind of description or a very vague one, it’s like I’m reading a book about my neighbor that I see once a year and am not even sure if they actually live here or are just visiting.
And what makes it even more “personal” is books written in first person! Even if there’s multiple POVs, it just makes it that much more better.


I need to feel the books. Whether it be happiness, sadness, joy, whatever! When a book manages to make any kind of feeling push through itself to me, to make me feel that too, it’s a pure perfection.


The golden mean. It’s not good when it goes from 0 to 100 during 10 first pages and stays in the 100. It’s not good either when it roams around 0 all the way till you reach 50-60% of the book. The golden mean for me is when the 0s and 100s are equal. There’s just enough slow pacing before we reach the point where we reach 100. And even then it’s best served with patience, not like snapping your fingers but slowly getting there. Does this make any sense?


It doesn’t have to have that much uniqueness in it. It’s enough when a book is a little different from the mainstream. You know we have bunch of stories about different types of royals, in fantasy and contemporary, but when you throw in a cyborg, I’m there! It’s not every day you read a book with a cyborg in it. (I mean like Cinder okay, I just can’t put my thought into any words apparently.) When the format is different, like in Illuminae! It’s so refreshing to open a book that’s full off different sort of documents etc.


Yes, this doesn’t have anything to do with physical books. But I have been reading a lot of books as an audiobook so I thought I’d throw this in here as well. The BIGGEST thing with audiobooks is the narration. Or maybe more accurately the narrator? They have to sound like they want to read that book, like they enjoy doing it. I can’t be bothered to listen an audio that has a narrator whose voice is sluggish and bored. That just makes the experience feel awkward and not enjoyable, which in my mind results to a DNFd book.


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