We have reached yet another end of a week! I can’t believe how fast time runs by, feels like no matter how well I manage my timetables for the day, it just slips away.

End of the Week is my “weekly meme”, I guess I could say. Just to sum up what has happened at my blog, instagram and life. Like a wrap up but not that much for reading but for everything else.


Top 5 Tuesday – This weeks topic was books I need to read in 2020. I listed five books that has been sitting on my shelves for a long time now and needs to be read during 2020 or then I have to let them go.

WWW Wednesday – I read two books during the week. Those were both rather short ones and quick to read, but it’s still two books! One of them actually was an ARC I got last year from Netgalley but never picked it up. Now I’m done with it and also done with all unread ARCs from Netgalley (time to request some new ones, right?).

Book Review – This week review was for Tower of Dawn!



I managed to put out three posts this week! I also have been playing with a thought that I’d post three times a week. On those days that I’m not publishing anything here: Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. That way I’d have something to work on every day, some content coming out every day of the week.



It has been a great week! Work is exhausting as always and makes me really tired but still we have all kept positive and been happy to go home.

Even though work is exhausting physically, it’s so rewarding mentally. It’s like having a mini vacation every day. There’s just something being with all the horses and ponies that puts my mind at ease, and that is the reason I love my job.

We have also had my mother-in-law’s dog living with us this week. We kind of swapped dogs for no reason. 😅 But it has been so fun working with this dog! It’s a nice change for our own hard headed little queen. I mean our queen can’t be bothered to work with anything or even go outside if she doesn’t feel like it. But this boy, oh this boy loves to please! Whatever we have been doing, he is so eager to get it right. And he loves to go out for a walk, except when it rains. But who would want to go out when it pours?!
He’s also great with our kids even though he is not used to having kids run around. But they give him kisses and that’s all he needs, lol.

Thank you for reading! How has your week been?


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One thought on “END OF THE WEEK

  1. Overall this week has been great, but I have been slacking on my blog hopping which is why I love weekly wrap ups 😀 They help me catch up on everything I’ve missed. I’m happy to hear your job is going well! It’s so cool that you get to work with horses, they’re such majestic creatures

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