Hi guys! Hope you’re week has been treating you nicely and you have had a great time! I first thought I’d post a tag or something else every Saturday but then I changed my mind. Surprising right?

I thought that since I’m doing a monthly wrap up every last Sunday, I could do a End of the Week wrap up, kind of, every other Sunday. Just to recap what’s been going on during the week in my life and here at my blog.


Top 5 Tuesday – This week started with T5T. And since it was still on a break this week, I thought I’d share the books that I’m most excited to read during the year 2020. This post is also the one that got most views this week. I’m kind of curious to see what kind of content draws the most attention.

WWW Wednesday – I’m quite happy with my WWW this week! I mean, I had finished 3 books during the week and that is a lot. But what I’m most happy about, is the fact that I actually finally pushed my way through ToD and it crawled itself to be a four star book!

Review – As always, I’m still sticking with my Friday reviews. This week’s review was for the first book I read this year and wow. That book was such and adventure with all the gorgeous illustrations in it.



I’m trying to get more active at my Instagram account as well. But so far it’s going as bad as it did last year. Only posted one picture during the whole week! Though I’m happy with the way that turned out since I’m not even a least bit creative.



This week life wise has been pretty great! Even though it was rather hard for me to find any kind of motivation to get myself to work. At the end of the year they were first going to kick me out from there, saying they couldn’t keep that many workers. At the start of the year they renewed my contract but shortened my working hours. That means that I get such a ridiculously low pay that I just can’t keep working like this. With 800€ per month from the jobs that I do, it’s just too little to support family of five. And well, obviously it is not an easy job. It’s super laborious to mock out the stalls, outside paddock etcetc.
Though if I were living alone, I might be just that stupid to continue only working there and then being stressed all the time thinking “how am I pay all my living costs, buy any food with this little?”. Yes, it is a lot for many people but the rents here are ridiculously high and then you just have to feed yourself.
I don’t know if you can get the point I’m trying to deliver here, but I hope so.

I love my job, the horses are my life. Have always been. But I decided not to stress about it that much and continue working my ass off and hopefully I can find a solution that doesn’t require me to end my job at the stables.

Then I got my last showing at school done and gosh I’m still super hyped about it! Finally I’m done and can graduate!
Kids have been quite handful this week. They had a two week vacation from daycare/preschool and now they are back adjusting to the normal daily routines containing preschool and daycare. Hopefully next week will go a little better without that much of over tired kids running around the house.

All in all I’ve been feeling great this week and maybe life will finally get settled down.

Thank you for reading and sorry for all the whining again! 


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