TITLE: Coral
AUTHOR: Sara Ella
GENRES: Fantasy, Retelling, Young Adult
PAGES: 368
PUBLISHED: 12th November 2019
PUBLISHER: Thomas Nelson

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Multiple award-winning young adult author Sara Ella reimagines The Little Mermaid in a powerful and unexpected way.

Sixteen-year-old mermaid Coral has always been different, standing out from her stoic sisters in a society where blending in is key. Worse yet, she fears she has been afflicted with the dreaded Disease. Said to be carried by humans, the Disease imposes emotions on its victims, causing them to commit unspeakable acts. The growing illness inside her, while terrifying, fascinates her very core. Where others see danger, Coral sees life. Could it be the colorless merfolk who are truly ill?

Above the sea, seventeen-year-old Brooke Jordan has nothing left to give. A homeless girl abandoned and forgotten, the only thing Brooke can rely on is the ocean. Her aching feet find refuge within the cool and comforting waves, while her broken heart grows harder with each passing day. When Brooke’s and Coral’s worlds collide, everything alters in an instant. From learning to stand alone, to discovering the strength it takes to rely on another, the girls find that living requires taking that first painful breath. Each must make sacrifices, and when it comes to finding true love? Let’s just say the boys in their lives must learn to swim if they’re ever going to survive the storms.

Battling the odds against them, the girls will do whatever it takes to survive. But what must end for love and life to finally begin?

Taking a new twist on Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved fairy tale, this modern-day story explores mental health from several perspectives, questioning what it means to be human in a world where humanity often seems lost.


“No one would ever tell a cancer patient to ‘just get over it.’ Why people think they can tell those with a mental illness as much is baffling.”

Coral is a book about suicide, mental health, depression, anxiety, death. If any of this is hard for you, a trigger, please consider carefully before picking this book to read.

This is by far one of the hardest books to rate/review. Coral presents some very important subjects. I can see how it is a good book to read, it makes you think about your own life, your feelings. Dig deeper into yourself and truly think “am I okay?”. This is a hard subject to talk about. Being depressed myself and have gone through the journey Coral did, I know what it’s like. How important it is to have someone truly see you, to know that you are not find even if you keep smiling and telling everyone you are. Please seek for help if you ever struggle with your mental health, have suicidal thoughts, anything. You are not nothing. You are everything and worth so much more than you think.

Anyway, back to the book Coral. I went in thinking I’m reading a retelling of the little mermaid. And in some level I guess that’s what this is but then again it’s nothing like it.
The story started out great but then there appeared more povs. Not just Coral but two more. Merrick and Brooke. And if I’m being completely honest, this drew me off hard. I got so confused about everything. Who is this? Why are we reading of them?

Coral and Merrick’s povs are written in third person and past tense. Brooke on the other hand is written in first person and in present. It was so hard to try and keep track of every new turn of their stories, every new character. And just when you thought you figured it out, something new popped up and threw you off the trail and you were back to the beginning.
At some level I understand it now but then again I don’t. They all have something in common and there are bits and pieces you just need to put together to figure it out. In the end I did. And when that time came, there still manage to pop up something new which again threw me off and I thought this all was just some fantasy and Coral would end something like there’s yet another new character who had made this all up about their life and made up bunch of different personalities for themselve.

All in all I think this is an okay book about some really serious and important subjects. But I can’t help but think that it could have been made in some easier and less confusing way.



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2 thoughts on “ARC REVIEW : CORAL

  1. Hanna you are not the first to write that story is …puzzling I would say. Some love it, some hate it and others are just …confused!

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