It’s the last day of the year! 😱 I don’t know where all the time went, definitely not for reading after looking at my stats. But today is a good day to take a look at my year in books. Let’s see if I can make this at least somewhat readable.


I read the total of 43 books this year! Which is 3 less than in 2018. In these books there was the total of 14,788 pages + 10 audiobooks.

The longest book was Lord of Shadows with 699 pages and the shortest was We Should All Be Feminists with 52 pages. My average rating on Goodreads this year was 3,7 stars. It has come up with 0,2! Which means I’ve come somewhat better with the books I choose to read, kind of?



Looking at this chart I can say that I definitely kept up with my goal to read as many backlist books as possible! I’ve made a dent to my TBR this year and I also want to continue this in 2020 as well. But I would also love to read more new releases as well because otherwise those will become my backlist books for future years.


My love for fantasy has not changed but I have most definitely spread out my reading taste. I’ve read quite many books that are “out of my comfort zone” and brought in more mystery/thrillers. In 2020 I want to keep reading fantasy but also continue to read more other genres as well.


I have definitely learned to choose my books better and gotten my ratings way higher than they were last year. But I want to stay on this route and hopefully in 2020 I read more 5 star books than any other year.


Looks like most of my reading happened during September. And well, during the end of the year mostly. But all in all I’m super happy with my reading this year! I mean I have 3 kids, a dog, 2 bunnies now, I started school and work, we moved and renovated…. This wasn’t an easy year, yet still I managed to squeeze in a lot of reading. I’m quite happy with myself. Though, I want to do better next year!

What does your year in books look like?


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