I didn’t put out three posts yesterday, instead I decided to put out two today as well. Mainly because I was supposed to schedule those posts so they wouldn’t be coming back to back but once I was finished, I just clicked publish now. 🤦‍♀️

But today I’ll bring you the worst and the best books that I have read this year! Keep in mind though that these are only my opinions. If you loved or hated some of these books, it’s as fine as me not liking or loving some of these.

Today there will be 3 + 2 books on this “worst books” list. All of them are books I’ve DNFd or just didn’t like. I don’t mean that these books are trash and no one should read them. These just didn’t pique my interest in any way.


Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk by Kathleen Rooney

“This book was pretty insignificant for me. I had so high hopes for this book, even though I didn’t really remember why I put this on my tbr back in the days. Maybe because I love the cover?

My biggest issue was for sure the narrator. I just couldn’t okay. I had to slow it down to 0,8 because otherwise I couldn’t make out the words. It was such a mumble.

All in all this was a book where Lillian literally takes a walk and goes through her life. I didn’t connect with her at all and that alone ate a lot of my interest toward her story. She seemed like a lovely person though. This could be a good book for someone who enjoys books like this. I on the other hand enjoy books with more action, pretty much.” ⭐⭐


The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

“Too easy and hasty pretty much describes everything in this book. And I’m not speaking about the pace of this book. It’s just amazing how one little woman can do so many things without a scratch, considering what shes up against.

The instalove was probably the biggest turn-off there could have possibly been in this book. Gosh that was awful! I mean, how did that even happen?!WHY did that happen? In no way was that necessary to this story. Maybe it could have been if it would have been something else but this way, no nonono.

What did I like then to give this book 2 stars? Kevin and the dogs. Sometimes it just felt that Kevin was the only reasonable person in this book, plus his dogs. Like, he saw the problems in the instalove. He saw how it just wasn’t possible, how it shouldn’t have happened. He had it all under control, kind of. Hah.

All in all I would put this book at the same line with Twilight, with the exception that this is an adult book and Twilight is for tweens.” ⭐⭐


The Good Son by You-Jeong Jeong

“I like a good mystery/thriller, okay? I mean, I live watching murder investigations every night. But this book. Oh boy.

At first, when he found her mom murdered, I thought this is going to be a great mystery to solve! But right after everything clicked in place and I lost my interest.
While at some level The Good Son travels through important mental health things, this just was way too disturbing and even brutal.

There was absolutely no mystery going on in here, none. You know exactly what happened and what is going to happen before the end. Yet still all the gore and need to murder everyone and their mother just basically because, was everywhere and way too much.

All in all this did make me get chills but not in a good way. I don’t know why it’s labeled as mystery since there is none but I guess thriller it is, maybe even horror with all the details.” ⭐⭐

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi and Circe by Madeline Miller

Both of these books I DNFd. Circe as an audiobook and CBB as a physical book. As you know, they are highly hyped books, both of them! And the hype has been real even before they got published. And I don’t do well with hyped books. That’s exactly what happened with these as well.
I went in thinking to read something amazing, something mind blowing. Because I never learn. If I remember correctly, these both started really slow and not that much happened. I couldn’t make myself stay interested with Circe at all after first 15 minutes or so. CBB I read over 100 pages before I let myself put it down.
I might give these both a chance somewhere in the future but not before all the hype has died and I can “read them in peace”.

What are some of your worst books of the year?


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3 thoughts on “BLOGMAS 2019 : WORST BOOKS OF THE YEAR

  1. Personally I think Stephanie Meyer is a pretty weak writer that is riding on the success of Twilight (which was by no means good writing, just addictive.) There’s my unpopular opinion for the day 😂

    Makes a change to see CBB and Circe on the worst books list. They normally get rave reviews. If I’m honest, the blurbs bored me so I never picked them up. Kinda feel I’d be on your side as far as liking them goes if I did.

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