Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s topic is: has blogging changed my habits? I thought this would be a nice topic to dive into and think a little about my reading/book buying etc habits nowadays.


As much as I would like to say that blogging hasn’t changed anything about my reading, it has. First of all, this is what my sad looking bookshelf was three years ago. I mainly read books that were available at our local library, which really wasn’t much, and didn’t buy books.
I didn’t know anything about upcoming hot releases or any new books really. Our library has all kinds of old books but they rarely get any new releases there. And I had no idea where to check out what’s being published this year! Only because I was dumb.
Goodreads has been part of my reading tracking since 2014 but I had no idea how to use it properly, rofl. It took me pretty much two years before I really dove into that website and learned my way around it. And finally found all the upcoming books!

But then came the real problem: none of these books were translated to Finnish. None. Obviously not. So I had to find alternatives to accumulate books -> Book Depository. The savior for a poor student and mom of two at that time. No shipping costs!


Somewhere around 2017 when I moved my blog over here to WordPress, I started to find so many incredible bloggers! This inspired me to blog even more and at least try to put some more thought to my posts. (yeah I’m still not doing great at it but I’m trying to work with what I have!)

New blogs to follow also brought a lot of new books into my radar. Some of them were old ones but still hyped, some were new books that might not have been published yet even. And boy did that make me want to jump into those hype wagons and get my hands on those books?!
For some reason I thought in my simple brains that “if I read all the books everyone keeps talking about, I will become more ‘famous’ blogger!“. Yeah. Did that get me anywhere? No. I just ended up in my first and biggest slump ever. My expectations were way too high and I only fell flat on my ass with disappointments from left and right. And in the end I never even posted any of my thoughts about all the books I DNFd. 🤦‍♀️


But I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’d like to think I’ve grown up a little in the years of my blogging. I’m not as active as I’d like to be, not as creative as everyone else, but I’m doing this my way! I put out content I feel like posting about and trying to keep up with my own schedule.

I’ve learned that it is no use trying to create a post when I’m super tired and can’t concentrate enough on anything. No one gains anything from posts made halfheartedly. Not me nor anyone who might read them.
What I’ve also realized is the fact that my blog won’t gain me followers if I push myself to read every single hyped book, make a fake review telling how much I love it (no worries, I’ve never made a fake review) etc. I’ll either get followers or I won’t. That shouldn’t matter. What should matter to me is that I do this just as long as I enjoy doing this. I’m allowed to take breaks if I feel like it. This is not my job, this is my hobby that I love dearly.


But I’m so glad this has changed me a little. I’m doing something that brings me joy. I’m finally allowing myself to buy my own books. I still use our library but now I can read the books I actually want to read. Not the ones that happens to be available today.

I’ve found so many amazing authors and amazing bloggers through this! What I hope to change some more in the future is the fact that I need to get out of my comfort zone and start to interact with you all way more!
There has been so many times when I have been wanting to comment something to someone’s post but then my awkwardness kicks in and I end up deleting everything. This community is an amazing one. No one bullies, no one looks you up from head to toe, judging. It is a warm and welcoming community where everyone can feel welcome!

This post went to South so quickly that I’m not sure if it actually is about the topic I first meant it to be. But I hope you enjoyed your time here and thank you for reading! 🙂


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