Top 5 Tuesday is created and hosted by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm and todays topic is favorite booktube channels!
This is actually a nice change and a great way to find some new amazing booktubers to follow.


Becca and The Books – Becca is my newest find around booktube. But once I accidentally found her channel, I’ve been stuck to it and watched every single video. She seems such a lovely person! And well, we share our taste in books.


Book Roast – I love G!! She’s such a genuine and honest person that I can’t even. I love her vlogs the most. (I might also be super hyped about the fact that she too is a Potterhead)


Bookables – Heather is one of the booktubers I’ve been following for years now. What drew me to her channel at first was the fact that she is a mom and she gets so much reading done!! But since then I’ve just loved to be following her life and she’s such a lovely person. I think we could make great friends if we knew each others.


BooksandLala – I stumbled across her channel a long time ago. Then I didn’t feel like following her because we don’t read much of the same types of books. But at the end of last year, I stumbled across her vlogs again, and hit follow. She’s a mom, she’s honest, she is amazing. She comes up with all these crazy ideas for new videos and actually sees them through. 😀 But she doesn’t only share the good parts, she’s not scared to show the “bloopers”.


BookswithEmilyFox – we share some of the same tastes in books but I jut genuinely enjoy all her videos. Well, also some of her “roast” videos, lol. She’s been getting a lot of awful comments lately after her surgery but she has been incredibly mature and strong trough all of it. I’m in awe, I might have just thrown my towel in the rink and stopped all kind of blogging in her place.


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