TITLE: The Ghost of Crow Cavern
AUTHOR: John Wedlake and Norman Mounter
GENRE: Fantasy
PUBLISHED: March 30th 2018
PUBLISHER: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd

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A wave of delight and anticipation sweeps through a small community of red squirrels as they behold a vast fleet of boats carrying their distant cousins towards them. They will no doubt bring incredible wealth, wisdom and joy to the humble squirrels of Nutshaven.

However, the dream soon becomes a nightmare. Their distant cousins soon turn out to be enormous and brutish bullies of an ever-expanding Grey Empire. Shadowtail – the brilliant but intensely evil Grey leader – announces that their lives are about to radically change:

“Your colony is now ours, and we shall endeavour to use you and your resources to enrichen the imperial spoils of conquest and world domination.”

With their entire way of life now under threat, will the wisdom of old Normsk, the wits of young Cheswick and the might of Brutenuts the Brave be enough to counter such a dark and dominant force?

What I Think

I received a free ebook from the author in exchange for my honest review.

The Ghost of Crow Cavern is a story about two different squirrel colonies. The red squirrels live in peace on their own little area when suddenly one day the Grey Empire (grey squirrels) arrive in their ships to invade their homes. They come with promises of better lives, technology and all that.
But soon the red squirrels will come into realization that that is not the case here. Their lives will change dramatically, and not in a good way.
Will Cheswick be able to come up with a plan to save their colony and home or will he die whilst fighting for his family?

I don’t know why I first thought this would be a children’s book. I must have read the email and synopsis without putting my mind into it because this is definitely not a book for kids.

At first I was a little weirded out by the squirrels. I mean I have never read a book before with an animal being the main character and this book is all about squirrels. It was funny how they just casually drank rum and did all the human kinds of things like porridge in the mornings etc. But that kind of helped with reading, getting into the story and the characters.

As I got deeper into the book, I pretty much forgot my ‘confusion’ and really enjoyed it! But at times it was brutal! The Grey Empire really made the red squirrels suffer.
The story is very fast paced which can be expected by looking at the page count. I my opinion it was even a little too fast paced. It kind of jumps from this to that without much heads up or explanations and it took me a while always trying to figure out first where I was at and what was going on.

I can’t really say that I got attached to any of the characters or even grew to like any of them that much. They were just the characters in this book. What I was impressed by was the fact that the character introductions were so thorough! You get everything from the name to almost the color of their nails. Size, color, fur, all of it. So you basically get everything you need to picture every individual little squirrel in your head.

All in all this is a funny and at the same time pretty brutal quick read. It’s different, obviously, from all the books out there being hyped but to me it was very nice change to all the fantasy, faerie books I’ve been reading recently.



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