Weekly Wrap Up

Hi guys! We have reached yet another end of another week. Time seems to be just flying. I mean it only just was the start of year 2019 but now we are already nearing the end!


Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood – 3⭐ | I truly enjoyed listening to this as an audiobook! I liked the narrator very much.
Born Wicked itself was okay. It had it’s ups and downs and there were times when I couldn’t get out of the car just because I had to continue and know what will happen. But there were also a lot of times when it all felt dull and not that interesting.
There was a lot of teen angst which got to my nerves quite a lot but that was expected. Though that could have been a lot less. But I’m hoping the characters will get more enjoyable during next books.

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo – 4⭐ | Full review coming in two weeks! Shadow and Bone was a fast paced attention grabber. I enjoyed my time with it and will continue to finish this trilogy, someday.


Top 5 Tuesday – This weeks topic was a freebie and I went with books I can’t wait to be published!

WWW Wednesday – I’ve been sticking with my WWW ‘TBR’ quite well! I’ve read some of the books I’ve put there but did also pick something else.

Book Tag – This Identity Crisis tag was so much fun! Though I don’t agree with all of the answers, yet they were still surprisingly accurate.

Review – Two Can Keep a Secret, I really liked this book! I think it was my first ever YA mystery book and it was good.

Life in General

What can I say? My employment contract got extended to last at least at the end of September. Fingers crossed it will continue after that as well. Because this is the job I want to do. I don’t have trouble going to work every morning. Quite the opposite! Even though I’m super tired because the kids have been sick and waking up million times during a night, I’m still super excited to go to work. I enjoy my time there! I have the best co-workers in the whole world, horses. Not one day is the same as the day before.

I think I’d also enjoy working at libraries or book stores. Those have been on my list as well. Veterinarian and Midwife are some of my dreams as well but those require so much studying that I don’t think we could afford that. I would be at school for five years which would leave a huge dent in our income, obviously. Besides, I don’t want to go to school at the moment. I have only just now gotten back to work life after the kids and I enjoy being there. I have also realized that I have way more patience for my kids after 8 hours of work versus the time I was at home 24 hours a day.


I’m not going to dwell on that though! I will just start stressing way too much,lol. ANYWAY! I was roaming around the internet the other day and discovered that Amazon.de has free shipping (!!!!) to Finland for orders over 39€. Guess who will be ordering some books at the start of September?! This will make my wallet be so thankful, I think The Man as well.
I mean he was rolling his eyes so hard when I just bought books last Friday and then went to the bookshop at Helsinki that same Sunday.


How’s life been for you all during this week?


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