Weekly Wrap Up

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had an amazing week. I sure did, even though it has been over 30C these past few days and work was awful in those temperatures.



The Cruel Prince – 4star | Review coming out next Friday. But this book did surprise me, in a good way. It was good and I really liked it. Waiting for the next one to be available!


Top 5 Tuesday | This week the topic was books starting with P-Q-R-S-T. Surprisingly, I actually had a book for every letter!

WWW Wednesday | I didn’t finish as many books as I was hoping to but at least I got one book done in a week. We did go on a family trip though so I’ll let it pass, haha.

Review : The Hypnotist | This book was good! Though it was only a 3 star read for me, it still got me obsessed to the Joona Linna series.

Life in General

We had a really good week. Although week long summer vacation can feel a little bit long with three kids, all being very energetic, we all enjoyed our time! We went to a zoo, old prison, this big shopping center and had double birthdays for our two oldest kids.

This week we all got back to work and daycare. And let me tell you it hasn’t been easy. The temperatures are way too high to be working outside when there’s not even a little bit of wind blowing. But yesterday I had my only day off from work and we spent it at the beach. The kids were so excited! It was actually their first time at beach. Every other summer we have been swimming in my mother’s back yard pool. So that was a day off very well spent!

So all in all it has been great two weeks! I haven’t gotten as much reading done as I would have wanted, but this has all been for kids so it doesn’t bother.

Now, I have a question for you all! I want to treat myself with an early birthday gift and order one book subscription box. Why only one? Because the shipping prices are ridiculously high and I can’t afford to pay as much for shipping as for the box every month. So what book box you think is the best and I should get?


3 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP UP #5

  1. In terms of the sub box, I’d check the themes and maybe the spoilers group on Facebook who usually guess the right book every month (this is what I use to cancel doubles). Unless of course you’re going to opt into a limited edition special box, in which case you’d already know which book you’re getting.
    On the other hand, if you like surprises, then I’d check their instagram posts as they usually say which suppliers they are using (without saying what the items are).
    Personally, I think Fairy Loot, Owl Crate, Illumicrate and Lit Joy are the better options. And if you want to extend the options (and aren’t that fussed on the merch), LitJoy have a book only option, so maybe that would be worth 2 months for another box?

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