Top 5 Tuesday

Anyway! Top 5 Tuesday is created and hosted by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm and todays topic is top 5 MAIN MALES! I’m so excited about this weeks topic. But at the same time my mind went completely blank and can’t bring up any male characters. 😅


Aristotle and Dante. These two young men are something to look up to! They went through some difficult times, yet they still managed to keep their heads up and stick together. Just gotta love ’em two.


Team Chaol, always! He will always have a special place in my heart, such a great person. I know this definitely divides opinions in two but I kind of understand his actions as well.


Another team chosen, Jem! I still remember the time I was reading this trilogy and the feeling of some butterflies in little Hanna’s stomach when she completely had a crush on Jem, hah.


If I’m not completely mistaken, I’ve been talking about Daemon with someone here, or was it at Goodreads? I can’t remember for sure, forgive me.
But the funny thing is that it has been ages since I read the second book from this series, yet I still refuse to let go of Daemon.


Elias. He rose to be one of my favorites after I first disliked him, hah. But he is such a kind soul, maybe a little too kind even. Elias wants to save everyone and is ready to sacrifice himself for them. Still, there is things for him to learn but he has time, right?!


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