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Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had an amazing week. I sure did, even washed 4 carpets. But now I’m here to bring you my weekly wrap up.



I did indeed get out of my slump and finally managed to finish a book! Let me tell you, it felt so good! Previously I picked up tons of different books but didn’t finish any of them only ’cause I just didn’t feel like reading. But I’m back in game!

This Is Where It Ends – 4star | Review coming next Friday because I forgot to put it up this week.


This week was pretty quiet blogging wise. I only posted Top 5 Tuesday! I thought of posting WWW Wednesday as well but then didn’t. I have only read one book so it felt a little stupid to make that only about the one book.

Fingers crossed next week is better!

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This week has been full of horses that have rushed to the paddocks, kids, family, books and last minute school work.
We’ve had these camps for kids at work and it has been a blast. It’s amazing to watch how the kids enjoy to be at the stables the whole day! They aren’t all about just riding, they even enjoy if we let them brush the floors or put some hay in the stalls.

There was an accidental death of a little girl whose horse kicked her somewhere upper body when it got scared of something. That made me really sad, obviously, but also think about how I do my work. How careless I’ve gotten around our horses. Anything can happen when you’re working with quarry, they can get scared of something random and just like that kick you etc. Anyway, I can’t start thinking about that too much, because that’ll only make me too paranoid and not be able to get to work anymore.

For school I still need to make a business plan and gosh that’s stressing me out! All the calculation are going way over my head and I just do not understand. I still have two weeks to make that so thumbs up I can do that.


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