That’s me awkwardly waving to y’all! It’s been 2 months since my last post here, 3 since I last finished a book…. But I fell into the biggest slump of my life. I had so much stress with school, work and kids being sick all the time that I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Getting up from bed was struggle.

So I just had to cut some slack for myself and stop trying so hard. I can’t read books as fast as others, it takes time for me to finish. And I had to truly let that sink in and stop taking pressure about it. Then I had to cut down my work hours. Which meant that I had to stop taking it to home. If one of our horses got sick, I took it too harshly and kept going it over and over in my head at home “was it my fault? did I do something wrong? could I have prevented it?” etc.

Kids are still sick all the time but that turned out to be because they are all as allergic to pollen as I am.

So. I’m slowly getting back here. I want to read something but I want to start with something light and easy and fast to read. Not Tower of Dawn. 😀 Have any recommendations for me?

I hope you have all been doing great!


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