Hey guys! It is time to post another weekly wrap up, let’s see how I’ve done this week.



I’m quite happy now that I have been able to finish at least one book per week! I read this as an audiobook during my drives to work and also while I was cleaning the stalls. I enjoyed it but there were some things that made me not like it.

I Was Here – 3⭐ | Review scheduled for next Friday


T5T  www  bt18774964

This week I have posted five posts, this one included. I’m quite happy with all my posts. Top 5 Tuesday was probably my favorite out of this weeks posts. It was actually quite hard to put it into words, all the reasons why I love reading. But in the end, it turned out one of my favorite posts of all time.

You can read the posts by clicking the pictures.


This week has been good. I worked from Monday to Saturday and thus I have tomorrow off as well. I wasn’t supposed to work on Saturday but they needed someone there since one of the other workers couldn’t make it. So I just hopped in.

And the day off tomorrow is actually working very well! Because now I have the apartment all for myself since kids will be at the daycare and The Man at work. Which means that I have 8 hours to read something for school and also finish Queen of Shadows (only little over 100 pages left!).

Doggie is doing great. No sign of any pain and the surgical wound is all healed already. Of course she will have to take it easy until next Thursday still but I’m just happy in general that she has recovered so well! She’s already eating as she used to and actually our youngest daughter always insists to feed the doggie from her hand. 😀


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