Hey guys! This will be my second last post from this back-to-back strike or something. Honestly I’ve just fell in love with blogging again and want to keep popping out posts but at the same time these all have a purpose as well!

I’ve made some goals for 2019 as I did for 2018. Today we will be looking back at my goals for this year, did I complete those or not? And then set up some for next year!

2018 GOALS

♠ I’ve thought that I try to post regularly every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
♠ For every Tuesday I’ll be taking part for Top 10 Tuesdays, every Wednesday for WWW Wednesday so you can see what I’m reading since I don’t do TBRs and for Saturdays I’ll post some tags, awards etc
♠ As for reviews I want to try and post a review of every book I manage to read. Though I know already that there will be some book that get DNFd and for those I won’t be writing any reviews.
♠ For DNF books I have been thinking that maybe I write mini reviews sometimes when I have 3-4 books that I didn’t finish. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with this one but we’ll see.

For blogging I think I did quite well! I did post regularly, at least usually. But what I didn’t do was the mini reviews. Or I did couple of those but then they kind were just left out.

For reading I wanted to raise my Netgalley Ratio from 50%. I DID IT! It’s full 100% now and I will work so hard to keep it that way. I refuse to let any approved books just hang out there without me even trying to read them.
I got my Goodreads Goal at 20 books at first, later raised it to 40 after I passed the 20. And damn girl, I passed it with flying colors! I read a total of 46 books this year. So much more than what I thought I can finish. I’m just so proud of myself that I actually took time for myself and read books.
I did also want to complete Popsugar’s Challenge which never happened… I think I kind of forgot the whole challenge at some point and didn’t bother to check if I actually got any prompts done…
Then there were more diverse books. I did pretty good on that too. I read MG, NA and adult books as well as YA. Yes, i stuck more with YA but what can I do?! Those are the books that I enjoy the most so of course I’ll stick with those.

2019 GOALS

For blogging I want to stick with my previous timetable. I will keep posting T5T, WWW Wednesday and some random things on Saturdays. What I also want to do is keep Fridays as review days. I will try to finish at least one book per week so I’ll have review coming every Friday.
For the Saturdays I’d be very happy to get some recommendations! For discussions, tags, anything. Because at this point my head is kind of just howling in the wind, it’s completely empty. I want to do more discussion. I only ended up doing one this year but that is something I really want to change during 2019.
OH, I also want to do regular check-ups about my reading challenges! I need to start keeping track of what I’m doing, what prompts I have completed etc. Especially I need to stay focused for my Backlist books.

For reading. I think I already read pretty much everything I just find intriguing: fantasy, thrillers, historical fiction, non-fiction etc. So I don’t think I need to change that.
But I want to read more. I have even less time now than I had before since I’m working and studying. So what I really need to do is prioritize all the things I need to do, put reading somewhere in the middle and make sure I read some every day. Mostly because that really helps me relax and clear my mind. I found out that it’s much easier for me to fall asleep if I have been reading than what it is with my head full of all stress and thoughts from the day.

More audiobooks! I’m driving a lot every day. And when I’m driving to school, it will be 140km driving. So I have a lot of time to listen to audibooks. So if you have any recommendations on platforms for audiobooks, do tell! I already know Audible and Overdrive but if there’s anything else, please tell me.

Finish at least half of my reading challenges. This year I promise to keep track of those prompts, update the list and just go for it. I want to get at least half of the prompts completed, okay?

Enjoy! Just enjoy whatever I’m reading. I need to stop stressing about my ever growing pile of unread emails (I do read those every day but with the time I have for that, it will take time) and every ARC I’ve promised to read. Yes, those are kind of priority books to read, but I’m only human and can do so much. This is not my job, this is my hobby, something I enjoy the most in world to do. So I don’t think it’s supposed to feel like I’m working every day and need to finish books just because.
I need to get my want to read back. And to do that I need to stop reading them like it’s some chore to finish. You know what I mean?

Have you set any goals for 2019?


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