Hey guys! We started this “strike” yesterday with my most anticipated books for 2019. And today we are continuing with the worst books I read during 2018. And these are not something that I hated. I actually did quite enjoy most of them but they just happen to be the ones that I rated with the lowest rating and that way liked the least out of every book I read during this year.

DISCLAIMER: Even though these are my 2 worst books I read this year, I’m not shaming anyone who loves them! This is just my opinion and all of us can’t possibly love every single book we read. So please respect my opinions just as I respect yours.


TITLE: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
AUTHOR: Hilary Campbell
GENRE: Humor, Non-fiction
PUBLISHED: January 10th 2017
PUBLISHER: Animal Media Group LLC

“Anonymous break up stories from men and women, old and young, serious and silly and the cartoons that inspired them. Author and artist Hilary Campbell turns the painful into the hilarious, validating emotions from forgotten middle school tragedies to relationships that ended only hours ago.

Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and cartoonist. Her films have won top prizes at Slamdance, SF IndieFest, and more. She was the co-illustrator of Jessica Bennett’s critically acclaimed Feminist Fight Club.Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But You Could’ve Done Better is her first book of cartoons.”

This book is by far the worst I read this year. I was so disappointed by it! It says “turns the painful into the hilarious” but no. It was still painful. And only because these were so horrible that at some points I was second hand ashamed, then grinning so hard my face hurt and then just shocked. There was absolutely nothing fun in this book, nothing. And that disappointed me the most. It was promised to be a humorous and hilarious book but instead it was something totally different.


TITLE: Etta and Otto and Russell and James
AUTHOR: Emma Hooper
GENRE: Historical Fiction
PUBLISHED: January 29th 2015

I’ve gone. I’ve never seen the water, so I’ve gone there. I will try to remember to come back.

Etta’s greatest unfulfilled wish, living in the rolling farmland of Saskatchewan, is to see the sea. And so, at the age of eighty-two she gets up very early one morning, takes a rifle, some chocolate, and her best boots, and begins walking the 2,000 miles to water.

Meanwhile her husband Otto waits patiently at home, left only with his memories. Their neighbour Russell remembers too, but differently – and he still loves Etta as much as he did more than fifty years ago, before she married Otto.”

I just couldn’t connect with this book, nor the characters and that makes this one of the most disliked books for 2018. I read the whole book, I wanted to like this because it does sound quite cute, the synopsis. But whenever I can’t connect with the characters, the book tends up to be a disappointment for me.

I only had two “bad” books I read this year. And again, I’m not saying these books are bad and no one couldn’t possibly like them. These just weren’t for me.

What are you worst books for this year?


One thought on “2018 WORST BOOKS

  1. I’d say the most unenjoyable book I have read this year is ‘The Railway Detective’. I genuinely felt bad giving it away to the charity shop.

    Other than that, a few short stories in an anthology I just reviewed were pretty bad. But, for the most part, it’s been a good year.

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