HEY GUYS! I desperately need someone to teach me some time management… But I think I have it all finally covered and this plan I have, it’s only like millionth plan already, is the one that will work!
Haven’t finished reading anything tho. Surprised? Me neither. But I’m halfway through The Chemist and I think I only have like one or two chapters in Dancing in the Dark. So I’m doing pretty well and can finish at least one more book this year!

Anyway, tomorrow I’m here with T5T! Top 5 Tuesday is created and hosted by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm and todays topic is top 5 books I didn’t get to in 2018! When I saw this topic, I was like “uhh every book published in 2018?!”


Not exactly 2018 book but I really want to read this! I can’t believe I still haven’t bought/borrowed Wonder Woman and read it!



These kind of books are important and I pretty much want to read them all. And I would want to make everyone else read them too. So Things That Make White People Uncomfortable is definitely on my to be read list for 2019.



The Taster! GOSH! I quite literally went to the bookshop just for this book because I wanted to read it so bad and I had had my eye on this one many times when I stopped by the shop. But yet, it still lays on my shelf, unread..


Hunting Prince Dracula has been sitting on my shelf for a while already but I haven’t even bought Escaping From Houdini yet! But I really want to read these. I loved Stalking Jack the Ripper and these can only be as good or even better.


I don’t even have any excuses left to why I haven’t continued this series yet… I thought I’d read everything before Kingdom of Ash was released but well, obviously that never happened. So this will be one of my goals for 2019!


6 thoughts on “TOP 5 TUESDAY (#45) : BOOKS I DIDN’T GET TO IN 2018

  1. I’m planning on catching up with the Throne of Glass series soon as well. I’ve got Tower I’d Dawn and Kingdom of Ash to read. I’m so surprised that I’ve managed to avoid spoilers for both books haha!

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