PROMO / REVIEW : Literary Book Gifts


Hey guys! I know I said two weeks ago that I will get back to my regular posting but obviously it didn’t happen.. I Finally got everything in order with all the appointments we have this month, a huge bomb was dropped to shake everything.. My mom called and told me that my little brother’s testicle tumor has spread as a cancer to his bones, stomach and liver. So yeah, everything kind of fell apart and it was a huge work to keep up with every appointment and everything else.
But I’ve had some time to think everything through and I need this blog, I need my books to keep my thoughts in order. Otherwise I will be just thinking the worst.

SO! I’m here today with something I was supposed to do a while ago already. It’s a post about this amazing website where you can buy tote bags and t-shirts, all about books. So if you keep reading, there is a surprise at the end!


This is a shop called Literary Book Gifts. It’s a small shop where you can find bookish t-shirts for men and women and also bookish tote bags.
The website itself is super easy to navigate and I love how simple look it has! Yeah I know it’s just a white page with links and pics but there is something in simple templates like this that makes me just want to scroll through the pages. I just love simplicity.
It’s also very simple to navigate through it. You’ll find every info you can need from the top of the page or from the link at the bottom of the page. I love it!
You know there’s a lot of pages in there where you have to click million different links just to get the shipping information. Know what I mean? I hate that.

The t-shirts look like the basic ones you usually get in subscription boxes etc. Those are 100% cotton. I don’t have any with me, haven’t ordered anything yet so I can’t really tell you much about them. But as for the pictures the shirts have, those are all pretty much from classic books. That I can see as a minus for myself since I don’t really read classics and thus I’m only familiar with few of these.
That aside, they look very nice! I can definitely see myself ordering matching ones for me and The Man from our childhood favorite Peter Pan.

And look at all the color options you have when ordering a shirt! Usually when you buy shirts or pretty much anything, there’s only couple color options for you to choose from. But in this shop there is literally over 10 different colors for you to choose from. You can’t stay out of ordering just by saying “there’s not enough color choices for me.” (I might end up ordering a pink Peter Pan for The Man)

Them  tote bags have the exact same pictures as the t-shirts. So mostly classics in there as well. But the pics are so beautiful!
The bags are 100% polyester with boxed corners and black cotton handles. I’m not that familiar with tote bags since I have never had one (I only hoard IKEA bags…) but these look very sturdy to me. Don’t hold my words against me but I for me these seem to be sturdier than the regular white ones you get from subscription boxes in example.
Well have couple pics of my favorites from the site and see for yourself!

As you can see, I couldn’t pick just one bag to show you guys. There is just way too many beautiful bags. And honestly? I’m obsessed with tote bags right now and I have been searching bookish ones I’d like to buy and you know what? I’m going to tell The Man about these ones and there’s Christmas Gift idea for him!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading this and go pay a visit to Literary Book Gifts. BUT HOLD YOUR HORSES! I have a little something for you. Melissa kindly provided me with a promo code, and this is something you should definitely use because I think this is huge discount.
With this code HANNAWSREADS20 you get 20% from your order. There is no minimum amount you need to order to get this discount. You can get only one shirt in example and with that code, you get 20% off.

Oh, and they ship internationally!


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