So hey guys! It’s been too long since I’ve last been here. But this time I truly promise I’m coming back!

Why was I AWOL? Well everything kind of piled up to happen at the same time. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, we still have one more test to go through but that is something they just want to run again. My son has to start occupational therapy, his asthma appointment also is at the same day as my daughters test. And then there’s my own personal drama that happened between me and my hubby but luckily wee got through that!
I started school but now I might actually drop out and finish my degree working with horses! I’m super pumped that it has changed so much that I could finish it without doing any shoeing and actually just work at the nearby stable and possibly attend some classes at school.

But I have finally got everything under control and our daily routines are back on route so thank god I finally have some time to just sit down and read! My head might have exploded if this had continued any longer.

I also have a book haul to show you guys and I have also managed to buy some bookish merch since it’s my birthday today. (25 now so I guess after this I’ll always turn 25?) So expect to see that sometime soon!

And I promise I will try and catch up with you all as much as I can! πŸ™‚


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