Hi guys! So the readathon is over and it’s time for a wrap up. I did manage to finish four books as was my goal. But I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. I wanted to finish more than that. Though that was not possible since The Man was back at work and it was just me and kids. So I’ll pat myself in the back for finishing 4 books, reading whenever I could get some time to read (I did it even while cooking and I have to say that it was somewhat hard :D).

Without further ado, let’s check out what I finished, how many pages overall and all that!



Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi // 338 pages
This one was a rather quick read. I mean I managed to finish it in half a day and I was very surprised about that. I’m not sure I have ever devoured a book that fast. But it still fell to be just meh and thus three stars.
Review scheduled.



The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater // 408 pages
Through the whole book I couldn’t shake out the feeling that I have read this before. But I checked my kindle, I don’t own it there. Also our library, they don’t have this book available there at all. So I have no idea how that feeling happened. Anyway, it was good but kind of as flat as Shatter Me.
Review scheduled.



Nevernight by Jay Kristoff // 463 pages
Okay, I think now I can say that I love Jay Kristoff’s writing! Even though it is pretty brutal book, I love how blunt it was. In general I really really liked this book and definitely need to buy the other two asap.
Review scheduled.



The Assassin’s Blade // 438 pages
What can I say. I guess I needed this readathon to push me through this book. Yes, I finally finished this one! But I’m not going to lie that there were so many times when Reaper at the Gates and Children of Blood and Bone were screaming at me from my shelf to pick them up instead and just read. Though this book made me cry in the end so that was good.
Review scheduled.



Okay okay, while making this post, I’ve changed my mind and I’m very happy with the amount I read during the week. I mean checking the page counts I managed to tackle down in one week, it’s a lot for me okay! It even was a little more than I read last year haha.

Books read: 4
Total page count: 1647

Now I try and catch up with others’ blogs! Sorry, I had to cut down somewhere to make more time for me to read so I kind of neglected this community as well as my other hobbies. So expect me to be at least liking your posts! I promise I’ll try and leave comments as well.



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