Top 5 Tuesday is created and hosted by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm and todays topic is top 5 books i want to reread!

I’m don’t really reread books. Except Harry Potter. But there definitely is ton of books I should reread either because it’s part of a series I don’t remember anything about or a book I don’t remember nothing about but have rated it rather high. Or just because I really loved a book and would like to devour back to that world in it.

I’ve only read these two from this series. I remember loving them both but then they were gone from our library and I couldn’t continue. Now I’ve been meaning to buy them all and reread them. Guess what? I haven’t done that yet.

I love this trilogy. These three are by far my favorite books from Cassandra Clare. Sadly, there has only been Clockwork Princess at our library anymore. I don’t know what has happened to the first two books but oh well. Maybe I’ll get to buy these some day.


I haven’t read my finished copy of this one yet. I read the ARC and I loved it! I’ve been meaning to reread it but there’s always some library book or a shiny new book that I’ve bought that goes ahead..

Do I even need to explain myself anymore? Here’s yet another two books that I just love so much that I wish I’ll have time to reread them sometime.


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