So for this Saturday I thought that I’d try my hand on something little different. Something I haven’t done in my humble little blog before. I want to start talking about different things going in my mind every once in a while and just hope that my English is strong enough to be understandable, lol.

Today I’m here thinking why do I blog? Why I still keep on blogging despite my slump holes that tend to suck me in and all the stress etc. I’m pretty sure there’s many other posts around the blogosphere about this very same thoughts but this will be mine.

Also you might have noticed that the font in the picture above has changed. That is only because of my change of computer and I can’t remember the font I was using before even if my life depended on it. So sorry about that.


I’m sure we all know how stressful blogging can be. Be it about books, life, hobbies, whatever the subject. You try to stay on your said schedule to post content and madly make scheduled posts up ahead (at least I do:D) so that you will have at least something to post if you just don’t have time to sit down and post or simply don’t feel like blogging at the moment.

I’ve been blogging little over a year now. I started my book blog in September 2016, can’t really remember the specific date. In August 2017 I moved this in WordPress and I couldn’t have made a better choice! This is just so much easier to use than blogger was. It’s also easier to stay somewhat up to date with my followed fellow bloggers.
I started doing this only because I wanted some place to share my thought about the books I read. Actually I think that’s about all I posted back at blogspot because I discovered top 5s and WWWs and everything else when I moved to WordPress. And everything was kind of easy at the first. I didn’t really mind if anyone read my blog or even knew that it was even there.Β 

I don’t know what happened when I moved here. Maybe it was because it was somehow easier to see how many views I had in every post and then there started to be followers and all that. But I started to stress out A LOT. Then I started to get jealous for other bloggers whom had started after me for reaching over 100 followers while I have 80 something. And it was horrible. I felt bad for getting jealous for others because all of you deserve all the attention you get!Β 
But I started to check my stats like some maniac. I became so obsessive about that that it wasn’t even funny anymore. It made blogging feel like a burden and every time I was writing a post I kept thinking “why do I even do this ’cause no one’s interested in what I post”. And we all know that this is supposed to be fun! This isn’t supposed to feel like it’s something we just have to get done no matter what.
So I kicked myself in the arse hard and sat down to think. I really needed to get over the stats. That doesn’t matter. I do this because I want to share my thoughts and love for the books with people who also love books! I do this because this is the place where I can talk as much as I want without someone sighing and telling me that they don’t care about books and doesn’t even know what I’m talking about.

I know that stats do matter someway. It does matter to know that is there anyone reading the posts. But I had to learn not to be obsessive about it. Not to get jealous to others but be happy for them! And I’m very grateful for every single one of you guys who follows my little blog, comments and all. Thank you!

So why do I still do this even though it can be very stressful to stay on my said schedule, write my posts in time? I simply do this because I love it! This has become my new hobby, something that is very important for me. I want to keep doing this and yeah, maybe I get stressed a lot sometimes (especially when I’m in a slump) but still it’s very dear to me. It’s also very rewarding! I have gotten to know many awesome people in this community and believe me, it is very hard for me to interact with people. I’ve also discovered so many great books through this that I think I wouldn’t have known existed without book community.

My hubby often asks that why do I keep doing this and even read books if it makes me feel bad or a book makes me cry for hours. And every time I tell him that I do this because I love it. I used to feel like this about riding. But after giving birth to my third child, something in my body happened and I need to get that in order before I can get back on saddle. And even though I love riding and horses, always have, I think it still won’t overcome blogging anymore.


6 thoughts on “DISCUSSION : WHY DO I DO THIS?

  1. I completely understand. We all get overwhelmed and down on ourselves sometimes!!
    Don’t be discouraged. AND DON’T FALL INTO THE STATS HOLE!! I fall into that hole all the time… Especially when I’m posting something that I REALLY care about (I.e: a book review for a book I really loved, or a review for a book that I know the author is checking up on) and I see my visitors at an all time low. I wind up getting frustrated thinking “you guys all LOVED that post that was kind of filler.. But, this one none of you are going to check out??”
    You just have to remember that people get busy with their own things and they’ll be back! Sometimes you have to remind them you’re there by visiting them on the blog as well. It definitely seems to be a give and take on WordPress! πŸ’–πŸ’–

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      • I get stressed out when I can’t read and comment! I need to learn to calm down a little because something will happen and I’ll be away for a while and I’ll feel the need to catch up on EVERYTHING… And that’s just not feasible with working, reading posting, etc… I’ll learn eventually…. Maybe. πŸ˜…

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