TOP 5 TUESDAY (#20) : Favorite Contemporary/Fiction


Hi guys! How has your week been going? I think I’ve finally managed to make myself a working schedule with reading, kids, housework etc. I have finished at least one book per week and mostly achieved my goal to read at least 100 pages every day. All thanks to our baby girl who finally has rhythm in her days, it’s not just sleep, eat and change nappy anymore. Gosh, where’s my baby?! 😀

Top 5 Tuesday is created and hosted by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm and todays topic is top 5 Contemporary / Fiction



This book is just amazing! I want to recommend it to each and everyone who haven’t read this yet. It just simply is a must read for everyone.


This novel has a really strong message about racism and the lengths it goes. This is definitely something that I think EVERY SINGLE PERSON should read! Heck, this should be something required to read at school already.


When I started reading I was like “wait, is this book about me?”. I seriously can identify with Cath a lot. Actually it was like reading about my own life, like she is me, I’m exactly the same.


This is somehow an important subject this book talks about! And I know how hard it is to get out of and abusive relationship, how you keep blaming yourself. I truly felt connected with Lily and this book truly hit me hard. I went through millions of feelings.


Nora Roberts’ books in general. Well, the contemporary ones, of course. I love her works and have been reading her books almost as long as I’ve read Harry Potter. I think I can blame / thank my mom for that ’cause Nora Roberts and Karin Slaughter were the only authors whose books she read back in the day 😀


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