ARC REVIEW : The Undercover Mother


TITLE: The Undercover Mother
AUTHOR: Emma Robinson
GENRES: Adult, Fiction
PAGES: 287
PUBLISHER: Bookouture

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Have you ever wondered what secrets other mothers are keeping?

Jenny has too much on her plate: literally – she’s only pregnant with one child but she’s already eating for three. Not to mention trying to juggle her future life with a baby, a nightmare boss, a know-it-all sister, and a bizarrely laid back husband.

She used to be famous for her ‘Single Girl About Town’ journalism. But not only is she bored of parties, she also hasn’t been single for years, and is now 8½ months pregnant.

So when her boss hands her column to a younger colleague, Jenny panics and proposes instead writing about being a clueless new mum. Surely people will find her new friendship group fascinating? Even if the only thing they have in common is that they all had sex around the same time 9 months ago…

Like – what’s the deal with scary Gail’s mystery husband? How is posh mum Antonia already out drinking when Jenny can barely make a cup of tea? Why isn’t sweet-natured Ruth answering any phone calls?

And if her readers aren’t quite hooked yet, maybe Jenny will just have to be more liberal with the truth. After all, none of the other mums will read it… will they?


What I Think

This morning, Henry was spreadeagled on his play mat. It was all very well for him to sleep now. Why not last night, when she had jiggled, walked, cuddled, put him down, picked him up? Sung? Soothed? Begged? It was tempting to pinch him awake and cry loudly into his ear – see how he liked it.

The Undercover Mother was all too relatable with spice-moms and everything! Jenny is pregnant with her first child and joins antenatal class to get material for her new blog, The Undercover Mother. But still, against all her thoughts, she actually grows to like the other mothers. What will become of her blog and her new friendships? Is she able to keep her job and stay home with her newborn baby?

I wholeheartedly enjoyed this book from the very beginning. While I had quite good laughs and related to a lot of things, I also could relate to the sad parts of the book. I think that’s the biggest reason that I really, really loved this book. That I actually can relate to it all and at the same time see all the frustrating and “i’m such a bad mom” things in a different light when it is not me going through those at the moment. I think I grow a little during this book myself.

This book possibly introduces every different mom type there is in the world. The fact that every spice-mom is very different from the other ones in every way; personality, the way of being a mom, work etc, and they still manage to be friends together and overcome some obstacles was fantastic! I wish I would have had the courage to attend an antenatal class myself.
There’s always drama between women and so there is drama in the Undercover Mother too. And who doesn’t love some drama?! Well I do! And the drama between spice-moms didn’t leave me cold, it was quite a mess there.

All in all this was such a humorous book about first-time mothers and all the expectations versus realities. I’ll definitely recommend this to everyone who likes this kind of books and actually for first-time mothers too. It’s not all that bad if you throw some humor in it.


Thank you for Netgalley and Bookouture for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review! 


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