REVIEW : Heartless


TITLE: Heartless
AUTHOR: Marissa Meyer
GENRES: Fantasy, Young Adult
PAGES: 450
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHED: February 9th 2017
PUBLISHER: Macmillian Children’s Books

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Long before Alice fell down the rabbit hole…

And before the roses were painted red…

The Queen of Hearts was just a girl, in love for the first time.


What I Think

Before she was the Queen of Hearts she was just a girl who wanted to fall in love

Heartless is a retelling of the Queen of Hearts, how she became the Queen. How just an ordinary girl who just wanted to start her own bakery, be happy and spend her life with her true love, became such a cruel Queen.

I don’t remember much about Alice in Wonderland. I have read the book only once and it’s been a really long time since I last watched the movie either. But what I do remember is that I have never liked the Queen of Hearts, not even a little bit. Heartless definitely changed my mind and Catherine might be my new favorite villain.

Even though Catherine became probably my favorite villain ever, I did have really mixed feelings until the very last page of Heartless. There were times when I was really hoping all the happiness for her and then there were times when I was so frustrated of her that I didn’t feel any bit of sorry for her fate. Jest on the other hand I loved from the very first meeting. He was such a gentleman in my opinion, and so honest about everything! But what really threw me over the edge was the useless King!!

As for the story. Even though I knew what the ending would be, I kept hoping that everything would turn out nicely for Catherine and she could actually have her happy ending! I think I haven’t bitten my fingernails this much in a long time. It was so hard to put this book down, I would have just wanted to eat it in one sitting. But because life keeps getting in my way, I had to put it down.
As for the last pages of the book, everything that happened, let’s just think that any of that didn’t happen and Catherine lived her happily ever after, right?! I’m really heartbroken for their fates and that those actually came true and no one was left with happy ending.

All in all I really liked Heartless and enjoyed reading it. But it ain’t something that I loved and for that I’ll give it 4,5 stars. I definitely recommend this to everyone who likes retellings!



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