REVIEW : The Trees


TITLE: The Trees
AUTHOR: Ali Shaw
GENRES: Adult, Fantasy, Fiction
PAGES: 488
FORMAT: Hardcover
PUBLISHED: March 10th 2016
PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)

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There is no warning. No chance to prepare.

They arrive in the night: thundering up through the ground, transforming streets and towns into shadowy forest. Buildings are destroyed. Broken bodies, still wrapped in tattered bed linen, hang among the twitching leaves.

Adrien Thomas has never been much of a hero. But when he realizes that no help is coming, he ventures out into this unrecognizable world. Michelle, his wife, is across the sea in Ireland and he has no way of knowing whether the trees have come for her too.

Then Adrien meets green-fingered Hannah and her teenage son Seb. Together, they set out to find Hannah’s forester brother, to reunite Adrien with his wife – and to discover just how deep the forest goes.

Their journey will take them to a place of terrible beauty and violence, to the dark heart of nature and the darkness inside themselves.


What I Think

it’s survival of the fittest, not the strongest or the biggest.

The Trees. It all starts during one night when the trees burst out from the ground. Those grow everywhere, never mind that there’s a house or anything, the trees just grow where ever they want to.
Some people are lucky enough to survive but some not so lucky, but at least to most of them it was quick and painless.
Adrien Thomas was alone at his home since his wife was in Ireland working. He sets on an adventure to find her wife with Hannah and Seb, a mother and son he met soon after the trees came. But do they find Michelle? Do they ever get to meet Hannah’s brother and is Adrien reunited with his wife?

I’ll just straight off start with Adrien. At the first half of the book I didn’t like him at all. He just felt like a huge burden to everyone he was venturing with. He was like a pathetic excuse of a man who never got anything done, couldn’t make any kind of decisions himself. But as the book neared it’s end, Adrien had really manned up! I mean I guess you kind of have to when there’s some kind of a tree apocalypse going on. But Adrien really grew and I really liked him at the end. And the ending truly got me!

I didn’t much enjoy the book. I mean it was a solid three stars read, pretty meh for me. For me it feels like it dragged on too long. It has over 400 pages and for me it could have been just a little over 200 pages and then I could have been done with it.
There were parts that could have been left out from the book, parts that at least for me felt kind of unnecessary for the story. And honestly that made me do a little skip reading towards the end, nothing major but still skipping.

What really surprised me was the ending! I was thinking of some kind magical finger snap and all the trees would be gone and everyone will have their happy ending. But I think I can say that it was the exact opposite!
Even though the ending wasn’t anything I had in my mind, it was really beautiful. I think the ending was almost worth all the dragging throughout the book. It was something truly beautiful and unexpected!



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