TOP 5 TUESDAY (#17): 27 February 2018


Hi guys! It’s been little over a week since I have last posted anything. But I came down with influenza and spent the whole week in bed/sofa half dead doing nothing else but feeding the baby and drying to drink some water myself. Our whole family even got the vaccine for influenza but apparently that didn’t work as hoped this year… But anyway! Now I’m healthy again and getting back at the normal daily routines!

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme originally created at The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl. Basically every week there’s different topic to list your own top 10, though I do them as top 5.

February 27: Books I Could Re-read Forever



If you’ve been around my blog for some time, you know by now that I love Anne Frank’s diary and well, everything that’s written about the holocaust. I’ve read every edition of Anne Frank’s diary and I can keep on re-reading this.


Well Harry Potter is my first love and all that. Who wouldn’t want to re-read Harry Potter?! I should actually re-read Chamber of Secrets this year actually.


I’ve been reading The Little Prince since forever? Before I learned to read, this was read to me. And since then I’ve been reading it myself every now and then and I’ve read this to my kids couple times too.


I read this as an audiobook but I’d like to own the physical copy of this book and I can definitely see myself re-reading it!


Okay I just kind of had to make something up to fill the last spot on this list. 😀 BUT I do love Throne of Glass and can definitely see myself re-reading it once I finish the series someday.


These are my five books I could re-read forever, what are yours? 🙂


13 thoughts on “TOP 5 TUESDAY (#17): 27 February 2018

    • I am, thank you for asking! Still have a little bit of cough but other than that I’m feeling way better.
      I want the illustrated versions in my shelves! I’ve been watching those at our library and they look amazing.


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