Life Update (#4)

Hi guys! I hope you are having a nice weekend!

Today we moved all of our furniture and other stuff from our old apartment to this new one. And I’m super tired! Also I came down with the flu yesterday and it has been quite hard to unbox everything but I made it with some medication and since it’s starting to wear off now, I seem to feel even more awful than I did this morning.

But anyway! We actually managed to inbox almost everything. Though there are couple boxes in our living room still but those will have to wait until we buy some new furniture to fit all that stuff.

Kids were so excited and happy when my mom brought them home after we were almost done here that I actually cried a little. 😀 I never realized that something like this would make them so happy! But our older daughter said “mom this is perfect, this home is actually warm now”. Gosh I love my kids and the fact that they really are happy with little things, well this is probably not so little. 😀

Now I’m gonna take our youngest and cuddle up on sofa and read a little until she falls asleep.

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