TOP 5 TUESDAY (#16) : 13 February 2018


Hi guys! Our apartment is a mess right now and we are surrounded by millions and millions of boxes. I’m getting exhausted by all this stuff we have! I never realized how much there actually is stuff. I was having a kind of mental breakdown, crying and yelling that I’ll throw away everything and we’ll just have our beds and all the necessities. But luckily I got some help with all the packing and we are nearly done! So now I’m here to share you my top 5 ships I’ll sail to the ends of the earth!

Top 5 Tuesday is created by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm and todays topic is “ships” I’ll sail to the ends of the earth.




I think it’s no secret that Celaena&Chaol are my number one ship until the end of my life! I’m not going to say anything else about this because that would spoil it for everyone who haven’t read these yet.


Aristotle and Dante made my list last week. I just ship these two so much ♥


Cath and Levi, this couple is so much relationship goals! I mean I wish my hubby would understand my reading and love for books and characters that much. 😀


Jem and Tessa ♥ I shipped these two so much while reading TID that I can’t even.. And if I’d known that these guys were in Lady Midnight two, i might have actually read that earlier than I did.


Last but not least there’s Lou and Death. I love this book so much and I really ship them. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s into NA!


Here are my top 5 ships that I’m rooting for probably forever. Do we have some same ships? If not, what are yours?
Oh and everything else is from google except Touched by Death.


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