Life Update #3


I thought that for this Saturday’s post I could write a small life update instead of book tag. It’s nothing deep, just a little heads up for the end of this month and what is probably happening or not happening.

We’ve been living in this apartment for nearly three years now. All this time I or our kids have been sick. We are pretty sure that there is some sort of moldy problem perhaps just because we were nearly never sick before we moved in to this apartment. And then it’s super cold in here! I mean I can’t even remember the last time I have been using t-shirt inside or have been without my woolen stockings.
So we started looking for new apartment at this same area we are currently living and luckily we have finally found one!! Thank God we can finally move and it’s actually warm inside there. 😀 I really hope that this being sick all the time ends when we have settled down in our new home.


So the way this concerns you guys is that I might not be able to blog during next week. I’m not gonna say that there won’t be any posts next week at all. I might be able to actually schedule something today, don’t know. But from Wednesday to Sunday we are hoping to get all stuff from this apartment to the next! And after that I need to clean up this apartment before we can return our keys to the owner and be gone from here.

I’m pretty sure I can get TTT and WWW scheduled during this weekend after I’ve gotten some packing done and I also have my review for Lady Midnight scheduled for next Friday. And I can even read books during our move!
I’m so happy that I gave myself a little push towards audiobooks! I’ve been getting so much more reading done because of audiobooks. I can listen those almost all day long and still interact with my family, clean, cook etcetc.

That’s probably all I thought to tell you today, I think. I’m super tired, can hardly keep my eyes open. The baby has been up nearly all night and when I finally get in bed at 4 AM, the other two kids woke up 6 AM…. Anyway, hopefully this makes some sort of sense and is understandable! I’m going to go drink more coffee, plug my headphones in and start packing. Have a nice weekend everyone!


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