TOP 5 TUESDAY (#14) : 30 January 2018


Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme originally created at The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl. Basically every week there’s different topic to list your own top 10, though I do them as top 5.

January 30: Books I Can’t Believe I Read


I remember when Fifty Shades was first published and I was immediately putting it on hold from our library and there were over 20 people before me! And when finally it was my turn to read it, I regretted that I ever laid my hands on that book. It wasn’t something for me to read.
Beautiful Creatures I saw as a movie first and didn’t really like it at all. Then I heard that it was actually a book too so I had to read that. But I didn’t like that book any more that I liked the movie, they both were bad for me.

I believe I read the whole Hush, Hush series back in the day. I don’t really remember much of the story but I know that it went even worse during  the series.
Delirium I really regret reading. I pushed myself through the whole book just because everyone else was raving about it and really enjoyed it so of course I had to read it too. It wasn’t a book for me and I fell in a huge reading slump after finishing this one. And from there I think I started to give myself some allowance to DNF books that I really don’t like.


For some reason I always feel bad writing negative reviews and not liking a book I’m given as and ARC. But Starr Fall is one of those books. You can read my whole review here if you’re interested. There were lot of thing in this book that I really didn’t like and it wasn’t something I enjoyed reading. I pushed myself through just because I feel like I have to read the whole book without DNFing if I’ve promised to review it, I can’t write about a book that I’ve DNFd in the middle?


I don’t know if I like wholeheartedly regret reading all these books mentioned but these are some books that I really didn’t like much but still made myself to read them and I don’t know why. Please let me know if there’s any books you feel the same way!


12 thoughts on “TOP 5 TUESDAY (#14) : 30 January 2018

  1. I did like Beautiful Creatures, but I only finished it because I was more interested in getting to the spin off series that revolve around Ridley. Hush, Hush was a book I avoided because I don’t have a good track record with books about angels, so I still haven’t read it. I liked Delirium when I read it, but didn’t like the sequel and just never bothered to read final book in the trilogy. I think I liked the concept more than the actual story, which happens.

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